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Summer 2023

Join Me:


The best part of the creative life is sharing it with you.







April 29 Calgary Public Library: Memorial Library Location

Art of the Metaphor: A Visual Storytelling Workshop: Ages 12-15

May 1 Alexandra Writers' Centre Society

From Ouch to Awesome


May 28 - June 10 ETS College Board Art & Design Studio Art Salt Lake City, UT


June and July and August: Workshops:

Kansas City, MO Grades 1 - 8

Pembroke Hill :




                                     June 19 - 23: Stop Motion Animation (AM) Art in Nature (PM)

                                                     August 1-5: Author and Illustrators (AM) Going Green (PM)


The Barstow School:


                                                 June 26 - 30: Print-a-Palooza (AM) Beaded Bliss (PM)

                                                 July 5 - 7: The LOOM-ineers (AM) Cruisin Through Careers (PM)

June and July and August: 

Maybe at a Farmers Market Near You with Cashmere Comes From Goats

If you know of one I can attend, please let me know.



July 19 - 23: Hollyhock Institute Cortes Island, BC

Drawing Towards the Earth: Making Journals and Self-Portraits for Life

August 31 - September 30: Studio Kura Residency, Fukuoka JAPAN

Final polish of Would You Give Up Arms for Wings? A story inspired by the visionary 

life and writings of Paulus Berensohn, 

Studio Kura’s Artist in Residence Program is a chance for domestic and international artists to experience

and draw inspiration from Japan’s rural environment, as well as for Studio Kura’s thriving local community

to meet different artists and their works.

Details to follow: I'll give some public readings in Tokyo and Kyoto.

September 30 - October 9: I'll spend these days touring Japan with my good friend Karen Cranston.

This trip is to function as an opportunity to expand my international experience as a literary artist, complete my book about Paulus, and lay the groundwork for Madonna's Tuxedo, the sequel to Cashmere Comes From Goats. 

I look forward to finding you somewhere along my path. I will be sharing yours.

That's a very good Thing.

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