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About Me...

I love to write. Maybe you know that and you're here to learn more about Cashmere Comes From Goats and Stonehouse Publishing. We are preparing now for the book to launch in Spring 2022. 

You might want to know more about my current project Dig: Paulus Berensohn, A Natural Life. I received a Canada Council for the Arts grant to work with my mentor Alison Pick. She's guiding me through draft two.


Perhaps you want to know more about my literary achievements to date. 

It's possible you love art and you know I've spent some numbers of years making art, and helping others do the same. I was an art professor for twenty years. 


In that regard maybe you're here to learn more about a workshop I want to offer called Drawing Towards the Earth: Making Journals for Life, or the Arcadia Playhouse Journals.

Maybe you want to know more about my years in academia, or my ongoing interest in the connection and community that develops through creative practice.

Or maybe you'd like to meet my human, Tom. Or my cat, Florence. You might not know that I love to meditate. It's possible you don't need to know that. But it's highest on my life list, even higher than Tom, or Florence, so I think it should be on my "home" page. How else will you know me?


And I'm a rockhound of sorts. I have three giant crystals that I collected in Arkansas, but Labradorite is my favourite stone. That's probably because I'm Canadian and it comes from there. My former neighbor Penny travels the world. She never brings back trinkets for me. She brings back stones. On various window ledges I have pieces of Bhutan, Antarctica, Svalbard, and Colorado. I like to travel too.

For any of the reasons you have arrived here:



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