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Hollyhock: Cortes Island 
Join Me...
August 24-28, 2022
Drawing Towards The Earth:
Making Journals for Life


Photo credits: S. Portico Bowman, 2019  

Arcadia Playhouse Journals
Examples Click Here
Madie's Arcadia Playhouse_ Collection of
Madie Fleming, Arcadia Playhouse Journals and Handmade Paper, PSU Department of Art students with S. Portico Bowman
My first peony bloom.
  S.Portico Bowman                                            Blood Lines

The first night of my Designed World class is filled with fear. This is the required fine art credit for non-art majors. This is me taking math. Accounting students, diesel mechanics and biology majors stare at me in disbelief when I tell them I'm going to teach them to draw, and that the entire process will take fifteen minutes. They can't leave. It's the first night. They can only not return. But usually they do, because I deliver on my promise.


Betty Edwards, in her classic text, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain taught me how to draw, and she taught me how to teach you.  If you can talk, you have the mind to draw. However, what I'll do is explain why you want to stop talking long enough so you can draw what I'll show you to see. It's that simple. 

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