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Line Dance: An Anthology of Poetry

selected and edited by Gerald Hill

The poets of Line Dance, challenged with excerpts or fragments from the lines of other Saskatchewan poets, dance with both stylish and raunchy grace around the ballroom in a highly captivating, entertaining poetic tour de force. 

                                                       – Glen Sorestad 1st Poet Laureate of Saskatchewan

Summer Cotton        


In an age where men and women
married each other because it was
the thing to do somewhere between the

first dance and the first baby


Promising the steady presence of

someone to take advantage of
or forget about except when it was time

to argue over nothing important


And everyone knew only movie stars

got divorces so it didn’t really matter

if you were nice or an alcoholic

My father is finding out that
what he really lost was not his
housekeeper cook accountant
and family pet but his wife

He seems

by that.


It's quite poetic to
watch him discover he
has found the memory
of her to cherish

which only proves
it's never too late to

start over.

Or find the shift key on
the computer so he can turn the
wifi back on with the correct

password and replace his winter

flannel sheets

with summer cotton.

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