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Stonehouse Publishing


For local pick up: Shipping 3-5 weeks: 

Supporting independent bookstores.


Amazon: Kindle Version for sure

Paper copies pending.

I n the US: 

Recommended: Diesel: A Bookstore 

Diesel Shipping 3 - 5 weeks, but guaranteed.

Some of the Big Box places are not as dependable.

Supporting independent bookstores.


For a local pick up:Supporting independent bookstores. 

Amazon: Kindle Version for sure.

Paper copies pending.


Stonehouse will mail to the US from Canada.

See the complete book launch cohort; May 2022

from Stonehouse Publishing

Tony Bidulka

Joanne Jackson

Kelly Kaur

Stonehouse Publishing


(780) 628-7024

Mailing Address:

PO Box 68092
Bonnie Doon Shopping Centre
Edmonton, Alberta
Canada T6C 4N6

Distribution (Canada & US) 


100 Armstrong Ave. Georgetown, Ontario  I7G 5S4
Tel: 1.800.591.6250    Fax 1.800.591.6251

US Publicist

Wiley D. Saichek
Saichek Publicity
New York City, NY
P: 646-896-9960


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