Thank you Canada Council for the Arts.

I'm very grateful to the Canada Council for the Arts. I've received Professional Development funding for Alison Pick to mentor me through the second draft of my Paulus Berensohn story and project. 


The working title has been for some time now, Dig: Paulus Berensohn, A Natural Life. Alie has provided her first set of feedback the 400 pages of the first draft.


She was supportive and insightful through pages of notes that concluded with the words,"Start all over." But she didn't say it was bad. There are worlds of difference in between. A trusted mentor sends you on a journey with a packed lunch for the big detour. I've accepted Alie's advice. The title is going to change, and the complex, important, magical story will take a new path. 


Visit my other pages under this tab to meet Paulus. I invite you to be inspired as I am by his natural life.