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Anne Brown, Cover Design

From the back cover:

Was it the death of her dog, Bloom, or was she just tired of her routine as a dentist?

Or perhaps her depression was the result of her (mostly) unrequited love for her former piano teacher, Bruno.? As Robin contemplates a sabbatical to see puffins in Newfoundland, a fateful Google search puts everything on hold. When she "accidentally" finds Bruno's grown son - or - a younger double - living in France with a woman Bruno knew briefly many years ago, Robin has a choice: stay in Canada and monitor her distant father's suspected dementia, or accept Bruno's demand that she go with him to France, and help him face fatherhood a few decades too late.

S. Portico Bowman is a writer of great compassion and depth, and Cashmere Comes From Goats reflects the noble struggle we all face to live in this world with integrity. Readers will root for Robin as she overcomes her self-doubt and finds her way back, against all odds, to her heart’s deepest longing.

                      — Alison Pick, nominated for the Man Booker Prize and author of Far To Go.


Endless calibrations of what I want, what you want, what any of us needs most—these comprise the field from which the surface tensions of Cashmere Comes From Goats ripple and churn, drag and deliver. In the finely observed world of this novel, the danger zones of everyday life are felt and explored. It’s buoyant story-telling that affirms what we humans are up to.

                      — Gerald Hill, Saskatchewan’s Poet Laureate, and author of Crooked at the Far End.

Robin Hopper is a rescuer, a razor-sharp woman of precision and control let loose in a chaotic world of unexpected consequences. With richly fanciful language that cuts to the bone, this novel eases into the mind and heart of an unlikely truth-teller, but fasten your seatbelt— it's a quirky, deep-diving, and utterly satisfying literary ride.

                      — Merilyn Simonds, finalist for the Governor General’s Literary Award for Nonfiction, and                               author of  Woman, Watching.

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