After the death of her beloved dog Bloom, fifty-two-year-old dentist Robin Hopper is unwilling to admit she is having a midlife crisis. Aimless and agitated by grief, Robin unwittingly discovers Bruno Gauthier, her former piano teacher and unrequited love interest, has a son in France. Neither Bruno nor Simon is aware of the other’s existence. Robin changes that.


            Carefree and fickle, the almost-famous, seventy-two-year-old Bruno accepts the news like it’s a dream come true. He didn’t expect the son he always wanted to drop out of the Internet. However, Simon turns out to be a nightmare. The aeronautical engineer refuses to acknowledge Bruno as his biological father. With unprecedented determination Bruno convinces Robin to accompany him to the south of France assured Simon will change his mind when they arrive in person.


            Here in the region of Languedoc, flanked by the castle on Montségur where the Cathar sect lived and burned for their heretical beliefs, Robin is torn between allegiances to her broken heart, Bruno, her best friend Joanna and a father with early-onset dementia, and his dog Billie. In the funniest serious book you’ll read, Robin is challenged to do the right thing and reconcile betrayal, regret, her confusion about the worth of love, and the value of friendship amidst the volatile situation she is responsible for creating.


            In the past fifty years Homo sapiens sapiens has rewritten gender roles and rules. Pens have scribbled away old norms, blurred important details, and in places run out of ink. The right choice can become the wrong choice without knowing how, or why. Mistakes are made. And yet love remains the language every being wants to understand. Cashmere Comes From Goats is a coming-of-age story for people who missed the opportunity to get it right in the first half of their life. And a love story for our companion animals who never get the relationship wrong.