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Would You Give Up Arms For Wings?
A story inspired by the visionary life and writings of Paulus Berensohn.

I've been working on this book for five years now, and like Paulus himself, the project is a weaving, and filled with layers, and now finished.


I like to think of my book drafts, and the project itself sort of like a tree, and that this webpage can reflect that and become another form of the word "would."


There in the center is the core place where I began the journey in 2018, and each year there is a new growth ring has appeared.


For now, if you click under the main heading for Would You Give Up Arms for Wings, the versions of the project, and what I've been working through is evident. As well an essay outlining the process of how I found my way to the workable structure for my non-fiction-fiction intention was published by The Midwest Quarterly this spring. 

I'm beyond grateful to the Canada Council for the Arts for their unwavering support. Their belief in me kept me going while I worked through months and drafts of revision to find the book you can now read.


It's now Spring 2024. I'm looking for the people who will help me publish the book. The healing power of the project is now in a form to be shared. The project is so rich and deep and wide. I've been swimming in the moments of the writing. It's been a beautiful flow. If you know Paulus, you aren't surprised by that. But if you don't know him, that's why I've written this book.  If you have any information about a publisher, or are a publisher here to find more information I have more materials to send.


In essence:

Would You Give Up Arms For Wings? A story inspired by the visionary life and mystical writings of Paulus Berensohn is a narrative study of the human psyche’s essential longing for freedom, and the potential for natural fulfillment through enchanted experiences like dancing, poetry, craft practices and deep ecology.




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