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2018                 Bowman, S. Portico, Ceramics: Art and Perception, No 107, “Cary Esser: Natural Language.”

2015                 Bowman, S. Portico, Ceramics: Art and Perception, No 100, “Ariel Bowman: Her Brave New World.”

2013                 Bowman, S. Portico, Ceramics: Art and Perception, No. 91,“Colby Parsons: In An Instant."

2011                 Bowman, S. Portico, Ceramics: Art and Perception, No 85, 2011, “Trevor Dunn: Taming the Edge.”

2011                 Bowman, S. Portico, Sculpture,“Jan-Ru Wan: A Magical Journey.”

2009                 Bowman, S. Portico, Ceramics Art and Perception,“ Jun Kaneko: Pure Form and the Industry of Collaboration,” 

2007                 Bowman, S. Portico, Ceramics Art and Perception. No. 68, “Ian Johnston: Reverence.”

2005                 Bowman, S. Ceramics: Art and Perception. No. 60, 2005, “Nuala Creed: The Heart      in the Matter.”

2004                 Bowman, S. Sculpture Magazine, Vol. 24 No 2, Review “Philip Livingston, River East Art Center, Chicago.” 

2004                 Bowman, S. “Memory Tablets,” Catalogue Essay for Aleksandra Manczak, Signs of Retention, Galeria Amcor                                Rentsch, Lodz, POLAND

2003                 Bowman, S.  Ceramics TECHNICAL 17, November 2003,“Cecula’s Splendor.”

2003                 Bowman, S.  Sculpture, Dec. 2003, Review,“Olga Ziemska: Center of Polish Sculpture, Oronsko, POLAND."

2003                 Bowman, S. Sculpture, Dec., 2002, Review, “Material, Space/ Object/Narrative”, Center of Polish Sculpture,                                  Oronsko, POLAND

2002                 Bowman, S. Art Papers, July-August 2002, Review, “New Territory, UMKC Belger Arts Center.”

2002                 Bowman, S. Open Book, Intimate Pages, Catalogue Essay for Philip Livingston, Oakton Community College,                                Chicago, IL

2002                 Bowman, S. Ceramics: Art and Perception, No.47, “Generations:Kay Hwang’s Installation Art as Narrative                                      Form.”

2001                 Bowman, S.  Sculpture Magazine, December, Vol. 20 #10,  “Jennifer Odem: Time Before Land.”

2001                 Bowman, S.  Art Papers, September-October, Review, “When the Wind Blows,” 2001 Atlanta                                                            Contemporary Biennial.

2001                 Bowman, S.  Sculpture, March, Review, “The Truth About Beauty, Curated by Cathy Byrd: Richard Beckman and                            Kay Hwang."                            

2000                 Bowman, S.  Ceramics: Art and Perception, Issue #41 “Connections:  Sally Brogden."

1998                 Bowman, S.  Craft Factor, Fall, Vol. 23.2  “Odyssey” Saskatchewan Craft Council

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