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Fall 2023 and Winter 2024

In significant and real ways a large part of the fall is going to be spent absorbing and processing what it was like to live in Japan at Studio Kura in Itoshima City for four weeks, and then travel elsewhere in Japan for two more.

I'm going to write and post about this soon. But not yet. I've got a few things pending.

Such as:

                                           October 20: 5-9 pm

October 26: 7:30-8:30 pm Book Club Zoom Call with Kimberly Bolt: Houston, Texas

November 11@ 3:00pm Pittsburg Arts Council

December 2: The Yoga Patch

Literary Rhythms: Pages & Melodies Unite

Live Book/Music Reading on Sat, Dec 2, 5-7pm in Kula Café @ Arbor Vitae
7235 Central St, KC, MO 64114

Readers: S. Portico Bowman, Laura Lee Washburn

Musicians: Dan Bliss

February 7: 2:30 - 5:30

Flagship Books

510 N. 6th, Kansas City, KS, United States, 66101

The Pittsburg Connection

 Ten Minute Readings: 

To coincide with the Associated Writing Programs Conference

S. Portico Bowman

Allison Blevins

Laura Lee Washburn

Lori Martin

Additional authors pending.

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