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About Me


When I was nine my first short story was published.

My mother completed the copy-edit on her Smith Corona. She stapled my drawing of Kathleen Richard’s missing diamond ring on the cover.


She was happy to do the typing. I was happy she was my mother.

One day in grade five Language Arts I discovered the word millstone in a jumble of adjectives and verbs. Mrs. Politeski said it was a noun. I said a millstone was all three. 

Metaphors became a kaleidoscope. 

Later that year we dropped blue dye into glass jars. Our science teacher told us invisible molecules choreographed the underwater ballet. Physics and chemistry became art.

Ever since then my life has been spent in between books.



You did it! You wrote a novel!

  It is a true feat of stamina, endurance, determination, passion and dedication.

                               – Alison Pick, The Man Booker-nominated author of Far to Go


    If love makes the world go around, why does it take a lifetime to learn the lesson at the heart of the matter?

     In the funniest serious book you’ll read, Robin Hopper is challenged to do the right thing and reconcile betrayal, regret, her confusion about the worth of love, and the value of friendship amidst the volatile situation she is responsible for creating.

            In the past fifty years Homo sapiens-sapiens has rewritten gender roles and rules. Pens have scribbled away old norms, blurred important details, and in places run out of ink. The right choice can become the wrong choice without knowing how, or why. Mistakes are made. And yet love remains the language every being wants to understand.


     Cashmere Comes From Goats is a coming-of-age story for people who missed the opportunity to get it right in the first half of their life. And a love story for our companion animals who never get the relationship wrong.